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Facilities We Provide

We believes in providing each patient the most comfortable stay,
for this purpose we have well designed rooms which meets your small or big needs.

Rooms & Patients Wards

All rooms are aesthetically designed to provide comfortable stay during the time of illness. The single rooms have a green lush view thus promoting a sense of overall well-being of patient.

Following are the types of room available at the Hospital:-

  • Suite room
  • Single rooms
  • Double rooms
  • Wards

Operation Theater (OT)

At Mehar Super Speciality Hospital, we have a specially designed complex of 3 operating theaters incorporating advanced processes, such as laminar airflows, a specialized coating of the walls of the theater which are seamless, and the special coating of the flooring which is antistatic and bacterial and fungal resistant.

All these features provide a highly sterile environment essential to avoid post-surgery infections. All the operation theaters are fully equipped with high end equipments and accessories. The Hospital is equipped with ultra-modern Modular Operation theaters with latest equipment.

Low Dose Cath Lab


Low Dose CT Scan Machine

Low Dose CT Scan Machine

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

A fully equipped ICU with latest ventilators, 7 para monitors, defibrilattors and all other modern equipments. To provide the best services to critically ill patients ICU is monitored by intensivist along with well trained ICU support staff.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Level 3 NICU with infant radiant warmer beds, phototherapy machines & dedicated neonate ventilator & cpap which provides the highest level of care for premature & crtically-ill new borns.

Photography by ChuianFeng

High Dependency Unit (HDUs)

Mehar Super Speciality Hospital provides a dedicated High Dependency Unit for patients who require continuous monitoring and round the clock supervision.



In-house fully automated laboratory

24 X 7 Emergency Services

24 X 7 Emergency Services

When every second counts, we are there for you. Ambulance of Mehar Super Speciality Hospital is designed to keep every patient safe.

 Emergency numbers:  7527 070 509 / 7527 070 510

Other Support Services